Friday, April 29, 2016

The Cost of Workplace Violence

The cost of workplace violence is more than financial. When it happens, the costs are also emotional and physical. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, describes workplace violence as any action or threat at a place of employment that involves physical violence, intimidation or harassment. In fact, it can be any form of disruptive behavior that threatens others in the workplace. As an employer, you may struggle to hire new employees. To make the process easier and safer, consider using an employment screening service since as many as 10 percents of job applicants have some type of criminal history. Keep in mind that those with a violent past often cause violence in the future.

Evictions Are A Nightmare

Tenant ScreeningIf you are in the real estate game, then you have to know how frustrating evictions are. First of all, they take time out of your day to go and have to deal with the situation on your own. Secondly, no matter how many times you’ve done it, evicting someone is never an easy task. You don’t know how they will react or the things that they might do if they are angry with your decision to evict them, even if they are in the wrong and deserve it. And lastly, if you have to evict someone, that means that you are going to have to go through the entire process of finding someone new, which isn’t likely to be any easier than the first time you did it. The chances of all of this happening can be quickly avoided with a simple background check, which will allow you to see if the potential tenant has any other evictions in their past.

Do You Really Know Your Tenants?

Do You Really Know Your Tenants?

Tenant Screening - Trying to find the right tenant for your property can be a headache. However, choosing the wrong tenant and having to resolve any issues that they left behind is more like a migraine that will have you kicking yourself. The best way to avoid this is to do a simple background check on your potential tenants. Some landlords and property managers think that a background check may be an unnecessary expense. However, when you meet someone in person, you never know what kind of information they may be misinforming you with. Instead, a simple background check will clear any of that up and help you alleviate any issues, before they actually happen.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Choose a Professional Background Screening Service

Running a background check on a potential hire is the best practice in today’s market. Gathering as much information as possible prevents an employer from hiring an unsuitable employee. Never before has so much information been available at the touch of a button. A company that contracts with The Screening Source to conduct a Professional Background Check is at much lower risk for hiring an employee that might be a bad fit. The search tools The Screening Source provides to conduct a background check allow speedy access to need-to-know facts from databases everywhere. These tools also keep the background check within state and federal privacy regulations. The search tools are excellent but they are only half of the equation.

Other Considerations

There are many laws in place to protect the hiring company and the potential employee. A professional background check service will always require a Disclosure and Authorize form signed by the applicant prior to the screening and will advise him or her of their rights. The applicant should also receive a copy of the background check results.

Instead of allowing an individual piece of information disclosed on the background check to influence a hiring decision, examine the information as a whole. An individual, or the capacity to do a job, is not limited by one aspect of the past. Studying repeated patterns in a background check allows the hiring company to carry out employment choices in a justifiable manner.
A background check reveals a lot of information about a potential employee. It is easy to focus on what the subject of a background check has done wrong. Remember that there is good information contained in the report as well. Often, the favorable details can tip the scale between proficient applicants.

With so much information available on the Internet, a hiring company may be tempted to conduct background searches on their own. Many computer users have entered a search query only to be overwhelmed with information. Taking time to sift through thousands of hits for accurate and reliable information takes time away from other job duties. Not all information desired in a background check can be accessed through a search engine. Most of the particular facts for a background check must be done by a professional business that specializes in background checks. A company such as The Screening Source has the trained staff and software to ensure the results are relevant, accurate and in compliance with state and federal laws. Contracting with a professional background check company ensures a smooth hiring process.

Laws and regulations differ between states, locales and even jobs. A professional background check service will have all results reviewed by a licensed investigator to ensure accuracy and report only legally reportable information.  Contracting with The Screening Source ensures that all background checks are conducted within relevant laws and regulations.
A savvy hiring manager will examine the big picture instead of fixating on one facet of the potential hire. Focusing on one aspect of a potential hire gives only a partial picture of an applicant’s qualifications. A professional background check will provide an important portion of the information necessary to make an informed decision.

To protect the hiring company, The Screening Source recommends all applicants for the same job get the same background check. This practice helps protect the hiring company. A consistent background check procedure demonstrates that the hiring company is not discriminating against any applicant. Should a background check reveal information that may influence a decision, an in-person discussion is suggested. This conversation may clear up inaccurate information or even a misinterpretation on the background check.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


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