Monday, October 31, 2016

Reviewing an Applicant's Federal Criminal History

Federal Criminal Background Checks define whether or not the individual is listed on the federal government's watchlist. The most common infractions found within these searches are associated with deception for financial gains. They include but are not limited to fraud and embezzlement. A federal assessment is needed if the applicant is attempting to work in any section of the United States government or if a federal-level security clearance is needed for employment.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Background Screening Statistics

The effects of Bad Hiring on a company's finances.

With the recent challenges faced by the United States economy, employing the right person for the job has become really important for both employers and employees. It is not a surprise that for almost every firm in the US, the direct cost in relation to labor is probably the first or second highest line item in a budget; this ranges from benefits, payroll, recruiting as well as training. That budget line item gets even bigger if the firm includes the cost of managing employees.

According to estimates by CFO Research Services, companies spend about 36 percent of their revenues on "human capital" even more for industries like pharmaceutical industry and financial services. Nonetheless, a lot of employers devote more time and effort selecting office equipment or making the choice between competing brands of office supplies instead of taking the time to choose the right employees.

Below is some statistics of how employment screening affects different industries:

  • 8% of people applying for a job have a criminal record within the last seven years.  About 24% of those also reveal two or more adverse records within the same period. 
  • 51 % of all applications, resumes, and references that applicants submitted have inaccurate information. 
  • 46% of employment, education and/or reference checks revealed that the information provided by the applicant is different from what was reported. 
  • 30% of business failure is a result of employee theft and other similar forms of dishonesty. 
  • Directly or indirectly, the average cost of employee turnover is equivalent to 150% of their annual salary. 
  • 47% of credit records showed a judgment, lien, bankruptcy, or referral to a collection agency. 
  • 38% of driving records pointed out "one or more violations or convictions."
Generally, the above statistics illustrates how important it is for employers to carry out adequate employment background screenings and the effects of in-adequate screening on the bottom line.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Cost of Workplace Violence

Overtime, violence has greatly impacted the American workplace. According to the statistics put forward by the Bureau of justice, the cost in lost wages alone is about $55 million dollars per year. This figure does not in any case make mention of the degree of human suffering as well as the economic and legal consequences that must have been associated with workplace violence. This situation may have been averted or reduced if only proper background check and pre-employment screenings were carried out.

Although experts who have studied workplace violence have come to conclude it’s difficult to be able to predict a person who is going to be violent ahead of time. Notwithstanding, these same experts have also come to realize that one predominant factor as far as work place violence is concerned is the presence of a history of past violence. Due to the reluctance that most employers have in giving a reference that is likely to reveal past violence, performing a criminal background check and pre-employment screening is often the most preferred way to help avoid workplace violence in the first place.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The ScreeningSource, LLC Earns Accreditation From BBB With An A+ Rating
The Screening Source LLC has been awarded an A+ ratings by marketplace trust issuing company, BBB, solidifying their place as one of the premiere background verification provider in the United States.

11th July 2016 | Hartford, Connecticut: The Screening Source LLC,  an employee background screening provider has earned an A+ ratings with the renowned marketplace trust issuing company, Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company is making the process of background screening for any personnel easier with their fast and reliable screening process. The firm provides 24/7 screening access to their clients along with a dedicated and experienced United States based professional background screening consultant. The company is currently headed by Mr. Doug Hurne, the CEO of The Sсrееnіng Sоurсе LLC.
The account setup process is quick and easy, requiring signing a few forms and a detailed demonstration from one of their experienced consultants on the use of their Employment Background Screening and Tenant Background Screening web based Portal. The firm is completely FCRA compliant and provides screening results that are verified by Licensed Private Investigators in a very short period of time.
One of their clients, Alana Nappi, the Office Manager of CTC Building Solutions was quoted, "The Screening Source is the safest, most trustworthy background screening company we have ever used. They are fast, efficient and have excellent customer support! We highly recommend The Screening Source to all of our customers and vendors!"
The company currently has access to all necessary databases, specializing in Background Screening services for Employers, Property Managers, Nonprofit Organizations, Child Care, Senior Care and Schools. Their fast and efficient background screening process has been applauded by many business owners in the past who seem more than satisfied with their safe and trustworthy background screening process.

About The Screening Source, LLC.
Based in Hartford, Connecticut , The Screening Source, LLC is a nationwide provider of in-depth background checks and employment screening solutions. They have access to all the necessary Background Screening databases including: FBI Most Wanted, Interpol, Global, Department of Corrections, Department of Public Safety, Administration of Courts, Sex Offenders, DMV reports, Credit Reports and even Drug Screening.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Understanding Background Checks

Employee ScreeningAs an employer who is in the process of hiring, background checks are probably not entirely unfamiliar to you. However, the thought of telling someone that you'll be prying further into his or her existence can feel uncomfortable, no matter how much confidence you have. Gaining a greater understanding of background checks can help you to alleviate some of this awkward tension.

Background checks are common.

The employees walking into your office for an interview are likely aware that a background check is part of the process. As much as you have researched how to ease people into background checks, they have likely researched the components of a typical interview process. Therefore, the background check is unlikely to surprise them.

Background checks can boost confidence.

You may feel like background checks can put up a barrier between you and the potential candidate because it may seem like an awkward subject to bring up. However, when you know more about what they have to offer and what they've been involve in, you can broach this particular topic with a greater degree of confidence and expertise.

Background checks involve a variety of elements.

Another reason to consider the importance of background checks is because they help you to gain a fuller picture of the potential candidate. Generally, for example, a background check will involve a nationwide criminal check. This way, you know if the candidate has been involved in certain legal issues. This does not necessarily mean you have to avoid hiring them. It means you now have the bases for a conversation with the candidate to determine how and if this will effect your position.

You don't have to poke around social media.

With the ubiquity of social media, people have been led to believe that all companies are constantly checking out their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. While some companies do make that part of their routine, it is not the standard. You don't have to worry about figuring out how to evade privacy settings on social media accounts, unless you feel a particular reason exists to do so.

Not only are most of the prospective candidates aware that a background check is a strong possibility, but they also know that it means they are a step closer to the job. Taking the time to conduct these background checks on candidates with whom you are not interested is wasteful. When you tell a candidate that they are undergoing a background check, they likely feel a greater sense of confidence in how you perceive them.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Background Screening for Non-Profit Organizations

All organizations have a responsibility to background screen their volunteers. Even though they are not being paid there is still a tremendous amount of liability that comes along with having people donate time. Your responsibility as the organization is really no different than an employer.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why Pre-Employment Screening Is So Important

Pre-employment background screeningEmployers often leave background checks to be completed on a case-by-case basis. Employees may be subject to these checks if a job comes up that requires background checks to be completed. For example, employees who may temporarily work on the grounds of a school may need to be screened before a project starts.

Pre-employment screening is an option that eliminates the need for screening in the future. Opting for screening before a candidate is offered a job protects the business and clients. Here are the ways that pre-employment screening benefits business and creates a better work environment.

• Screening potential employees reduce liability by ensuring that the right person is hired for the position. When employees are being trusted with company assets or the personal belongings of clients, running background checks before they are hired helps to prevent situations that can negatively impact the company's reputation.

• Completing a full screening before a person is hired saves time and money in the future. Completing screenings on a case-by-case basis when the need arises can hold up projects or even cause clients to look elsewhere when they are not willing to wait for employees to be screened.

• Verification of work history ensures that candidates are a good fit for the job. The results of a pre-employment screening can help to hire managers to determine whether it is likely that the new hire would stay with the company in the long term to reduce turnover.

• Conducting background checks before potential employees are hired increases safety in the workplace. The result is a more positive, productive work environment overall.

Pre-employment screening is a cost-effective option that allows employers to identify whether candidates are accurately representing themselves. Taking the time to complete screenings now can save time and money in the future while improving workplace safety and lowering liability.

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Background Checks On Construction Workers

Some general contractors may not consider conducting background checks on construction workers and/or contractors, but they could be making a costly mistake. The price of performing a routine background check to uncover past criminality pales in comparison to the cost of liability and litigation that an employer could incur. The old saying, better safe than sorry, apply directly to these situations. A simple and inexpensive background check done can help avoid hiring a high-risk person who could ruin a company's reputation and balance sheet.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Cost of Workplace Violence

The cost of workplace violence is more than financial. When it happens, the costs are also emotional and physical. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, describes workplace violence as any action or threat at a place of employment that involves physical violence, intimidation or harassment. In fact, it can be any form of disruptive behavior that threatens others in the workplace. As an employer, you may struggle to hire new employees. To make the process easier and safer, consider using an employment screening service since as many as 10 percents of job applicants have some type of criminal history. Keep in mind that those with a violent past often cause violence in the future.

Evictions Are A Nightmare

Tenant ScreeningIf you are in the real estate game, then you have to know how frustrating evictions are. First of all, they take time out of your day to go and have to deal with the situation on your own. Secondly, no matter how many times you’ve done it, evicting someone is never an easy task. You don’t know how they will react or the things that they might do if they are angry with your decision to evict them, even if they are in the wrong and deserve it. And lastly, if you have to evict someone, that means that you are going to have to go through the entire process of finding someone new, which isn’t likely to be any easier than the first time you did it. The chances of all of this happening can be quickly avoided with a simple background check, which will allow you to see if the potential tenant has any other evictions in their past.

Do You Really Know Your Tenants?

Do You Really Know Your Tenants?

Tenant Screening - Trying to find the right tenant for your property can be a headache. However, choosing the wrong tenant and having to resolve any issues that they left behind is more like a migraine that will have you kicking yourself. The best way to avoid this is to do a simple background check on your potential tenants. Some landlords and property managers think that a background check may be an unnecessary expense. However, when you meet someone in person, you never know what kind of information they may be misinforming you with. Instead, a simple background check will clear any of that up and help you alleviate any issues, before they actually happen.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Choose a Professional Background Screening Service

Running a background check on a potential hire is the best practice in today’s market. Gathering as much information as possible prevents an employer from hiring an unsuitable employee. Never before has so much information been available at the touch of a button. A company that contracts with The Screening Source to conduct a Professional Background Check is at much lower risk for hiring an employee that might be a bad fit. The search tools The Screening Source provides to conduct a background check allow speedy access to need-to-know facts from databases everywhere. These tools also keep the background check within state and federal privacy regulations. The search tools are excellent but they are only half of the equation.

Other Considerations

There are many laws in place to protect the hiring company and the potential employee. A professional background check service will always require a Disclosure and Authorize form signed by the applicant prior to the screening and will advise him or her of their rights. The applicant should also receive a copy of the background check results.

Instead of allowing an individual piece of information disclosed on the background check to influence a hiring decision, examine the information as a whole. An individual, or the capacity to do a job, is not limited by one aspect of the past. Studying repeated patterns in a background check allows the hiring company to carry out employment choices in a justifiable manner.
A background check reveals a lot of information about a potential employee. It is easy to focus on what the subject of a background check has done wrong. Remember that there is good information contained in the report as well. Often, the favorable details can tip the scale between proficient applicants.

With so much information available on the Internet, a hiring company may be tempted to conduct background searches on their own. Many computer users have entered a search query only to be overwhelmed with information. Taking time to sift through thousands of hits for accurate and reliable information takes time away from other job duties. Not all information desired in a background check can be accessed through a search engine. Most of the particular facts for a background check must be done by a professional business that specializes in background checks. A company such as The Screening Source has the trained staff and software to ensure the results are relevant, accurate and in compliance with state and federal laws. Contracting with a professional background check company ensures a smooth hiring process.

Laws and regulations differ between states, locales and even jobs. A professional background check service will have all results reviewed by a licensed investigator to ensure accuracy and report only legally reportable information.  Contracting with The Screening Source ensures that all background checks are conducted within relevant laws and regulations.
A savvy hiring manager will examine the big picture instead of fixating on one facet of the potential hire. Focusing on one aspect of a potential hire gives only a partial picture of an applicant’s qualifications. A professional background check will provide an important portion of the information necessary to make an informed decision.

To protect the hiring company, The Screening Source recommends all applicants for the same job get the same background check. This practice helps protect the hiring company. A consistent background check procedure demonstrates that the hiring company is not discriminating against any applicant. Should a background check reveal information that may influence a decision, an in-person discussion is suggested. This conversation may clear up inaccurate information or even a misinterpretation on the background check.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


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