Friday, May 20, 2016

Understanding Background Checks

Employee ScreeningAs an employer who is in the process of hiring, background checks are probably not entirely unfamiliar to you. However, the thought of telling someone that you'll be prying further into his or her existence can feel uncomfortable, no matter how much confidence you have. Gaining a greater understanding of background checks can help you to alleviate some of this awkward tension.

Background checks are common.

The employees walking into your office for an interview are likely aware that a background check is part of the process. As much as you have researched how to ease people into background checks, they have likely researched the components of a typical interview process. Therefore, the background check is unlikely to surprise them.

Background checks can boost confidence.

You may feel like background checks can put up a barrier between you and the potential candidate because it may seem like an awkward subject to bring up. However, when you know more about what they have to offer and what they've been involve in, you can broach this particular topic with a greater degree of confidence and expertise.

Background checks involve a variety of elements.

Another reason to consider the importance of background checks is because they help you to gain a fuller picture of the potential candidate. Generally, for example, a background check will involve a nationwide criminal check. This way, you know if the candidate has been involved in certain legal issues. This does not necessarily mean you have to avoid hiring them. It means you now have the bases for a conversation with the candidate to determine how and if this will effect your position.

You don't have to poke around social media.

With the ubiquity of social media, people have been led to believe that all companies are constantly checking out their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. While some companies do make that part of their routine, it is not the standard. You don't have to worry about figuring out how to evade privacy settings on social media accounts, unless you feel a particular reason exists to do so.

Not only are most of the prospective candidates aware that a background check is a strong possibility, but they also know that it means they are a step closer to the job. Taking the time to conduct these background checks on candidates with whom you are not interested is wasteful. When you tell a candidate that they are undergoing a background check, they likely feel a greater sense of confidence in how you perceive them.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Background Screening for Non-Profit Organizations

All organizations have a responsibility to background screen their volunteers. Even though they are not being paid there is still a tremendous amount of liability that comes along with having people donate time. Your responsibility as the organization is really no different than an employer.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why Pre-Employment Screening Is So Important

Pre-employment background screeningEmployers often leave background checks to be completed on a case-by-case basis. Employees may be subject to these checks if a job comes up that requires background checks to be completed. For example, employees who may temporarily work on the grounds of a school may need to be screened before a project starts.

Pre-employment screening is an option that eliminates the need for screening in the future. Opting for screening before a candidate is offered a job protects the business and clients. Here are the ways that pre-employment screening benefits business and creates a better work environment.

• Screening potential employees reduce liability by ensuring that the right person is hired for the position. When employees are being trusted with company assets or the personal belongings of clients, running background checks before they are hired helps to prevent situations that can negatively impact the company's reputation.

• Completing a full screening before a person is hired saves time and money in the future. Completing screenings on a case-by-case basis when the need arises can hold up projects or even cause clients to look elsewhere when they are not willing to wait for employees to be screened.

• Verification of work history ensures that candidates are a good fit for the job. The results of a pre-employment screening can help to hire managers to determine whether it is likely that the new hire would stay with the company in the long term to reduce turnover.

• Conducting background checks before potential employees are hired increases safety in the workplace. The result is a more positive, productive work environment overall.

Pre-employment screening is a cost-effective option that allows employers to identify whether candidates are accurately representing themselves. Taking the time to complete screenings now can save time and money in the future while improving workplace safety and lowering liability.

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Background Checks On Construction Workers

Some general contractors may not consider conducting background checks on construction workers and/or contractors, but they could be making a costly mistake. The price of performing a routine background check to uncover past criminality pales in comparison to the cost of liability and litigation that an employer could incur. The old saying, better safe than sorry, apply directly to these situations. A simple and inexpensive background check done can help avoid hiring a high-risk person who could ruin a company's reputation and balance sheet.