Thursday, November 9, 2017

On Squirrels Crossing the Street and Assessment Testing

When it comes to hiring a new candidate, you have a lot of options. Assessment testing, for example, is one of those options. Testing candidates is a great way to assess your talent pool to further gather information about your candidates and make the most informed decision possible.
Choosing the Right Assessments for Your Company
Choosing the right pre-employment assessments for your business will ultimately depend on the type of roles you are looking to fill and what you are looking to measure in your potential candidates.
Before selecting you pre-hire assessments, take an inventory. What are the most important skills, experiences, or aspects of the position? How are these things usually measured?
Ability Assessments
Ability assessments are great when you want to know more about whether your candidates have a specific level of competence to manage a job or task. You might seek out information about a candidate’s people or interpersonal skills, communication skills, and sales or management know-how.
Ability measures allow you to identify areas where your candidates excel and where there may be room for improvement if you’re willing to train. These are also great for identifying skills in younger employees or recent graduates who have little to no work experience.
Personality Assessments
Having the right personality fit for a position is crucial to long-term success and employee engagement. If someone enjoys the work they do, they’re more likely to stay in the job for an extended period and, although not always, are usually pretty good at whatever they’re doing.
When you measure a candidate’s personality fit before hiring, you gain insight into where this person will fit within your company, how they might get along with others, and how they will contribute to your company’s overall culture.
Emotional Competencies or “Soft Skills”
Emotional competency is one of those things that you can’t touch or see, but know it’s extremely important and related to success. Emotional competency suggests that your candidates have the motivation, drive, and focus for high-level achievement. Emotionally competent individuals operate efficiently, understand others, and then use that understanding to get things done. If they don’t see a way or solution, they make one. The rise to the occasion, whatever the occasion may be.
Measuring emotional competency in your pre-hire testing program is a great way to identify those individuals who will push the limits, think creatively, and ultimately help take your business to the next level.
Skill Tests
Skill testing is a quick and inexpensive way to screen candidates. You can find skill tests that measure attention to detail, sales knowledge, logic and critical thinking, computer skills and programs like Microsoft Excel and Outlook, data entry, math, and reading and writing.
Utilizing these tests before spending the time to interview someone is a great way to narrow down your candidate pool so you know you’re only meeting with people who are at the skill level you want them to be, and not spending time with those who aren’t.
In other words, don’t make bad hiring decisions when it’s so easy to make good ones. Don’t be the squirrel who waits until a car comes to cross the street. Interested in exploring how pre-hire testing can help you hire better employees? Get in touch with us today to try out a demo.

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